Message from the Master Dater

In a world of Facebook, online dating and plenty of other outlets to get your dating fix, doesn’t it seem near impossible to stand out from the crowd? Sure you could go the online dating route – hey, most of us have – but then you often find that the person you were talking to online is nothing like the person you’re on the date with. You could also do the whole bar scene – again, we’ve all been there - but as you know, that can get expensive (and messy) really fast. You can meet people through friends, family and through social activities – you can meet them at the grocery store and at the mall – the point is that Dating, my friends, ain’t easy. That’s why Master Dater was born. Master Dater Speedating and Social events was created for one sole purpose – to make it easier for people to find love - and without going broke in the process. We've designed a series of events for people from all walks of life - with all different budgets. We've tried to make it easier to meet people through events that we all enjoy. Unlike our competitors, Master Dater is a small family-run company, focused on delivering high-quality (and fun) events over making a quick buck. You will meet me, Erin, the founder of Master Dater, at all Master Dater events that you attend. All in all, we want you to have a good time with us. We want you to come out, have fun and hopefully meet a special someone – and if nothing else, walk away with some friends that make it all worthwhile. So I hope you can come out and join us – and experience what fun it is to call yourself a Master Dater!
Erin Dunphy
The Master Dater



Meet the Founder

Erin Dunphy is no stranger to the world of event organizing. She got her start in the entertainment field, working behind the scenes in Miami's TV industry as an Associate Producer. When she decided her TV days were behind her, she moved to Raleigh and founded and organized for one of the largest groups in the state. After a year of organizing, and the release of her new book about the perils and pitfalls of dating, she decided she wanted to focus on creating fun events for singles in the triangle area. In November of 2009 she created Master Dater to help fellow singles find love. She is currently the head organizer for four large Social Meetup groups – totaling over 4,000 members.